What we do

We excel at helping parents adjust to and cope with the realities of parenthood, from conception through early childhood.

Support based on you.
Education based on experience.
One organization to meet all your parenting needs: Childbirth Education, Bed Rest Support, Pregnancy & Birth Support, Newborn Care & Birth Recovery Support, Breastfeeding Support, Sleep Consulting, and Parenting Support. One organization gets to know you as the individual you are and provides the services you need as your family grows and changes. You are on a journey; we’re here to make the trip a little smoother.

Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled professionals today.

Your pregnancy and parenting experiences are as unique as you are.

We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience. That is no assurance of success.


How do we raise the odds of success?

We listen and learn as the individual evolves in the face of forces that are out of anyone’s control.

We understand each person as an individual.

Meet Leah & Catie

Leah Kayes
Leah spent 7 years in Finance at General Electric and Limited Brands before choosing to be a SAHM to two daughters. Leah feels passionately that the work of building a family and all that encompasses is hard. She is an advocate of services that give pregnant women and families the real support they need in the way they want it delivered.
Catie Mehl
Catie has always been passionate about supporting women! She has been working with expectant families since 2003 as a doula, childbirth educator, and lactation counselor. In addition, she has trained and mentored almost 100 new doulas as well.

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